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Hello all,

I'm developing a service addon that shows a button on top of playing video and cannot find a way to get the click event.
Quote:window = xbmcgui.Window(xbmcgui.getCurrentWindowId())
radio = xbmcgui.ControlRadioButton(200, 200, 150, 150, '', 
            focusOnTexture=os.path.join(self.__resources__, 'on.png'), 
            noFocusOnTexture=os.path.join(self.__resources__, 'on_nofocus.png'), 
            focusOffTexture=os.path.join(self.__resources__, 'off.png'),
            noFocusOffTexture=os.path.join(self.__resources__, 'off_nofocus.png'), 
In the log I can see it:

# CLibInputPointer:TonguerocessButton - event.type: 5, event.button.button: 1, event.button.x: 268, event.button.y: 281

Is there a way to catch the event within the python code?
Cannot edit the post...
I need the Control to be shown on playing video
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