Recording live Mass service video stream on my add-on
Hi, and apologies for bothering. First post here, with the best intent possible.

I'm trying to create an addon to play streams from live Mass services from and on Kodi for my family.

From going through the video add-on tutorial in the wiki I feel moderately confident that, even though I am more of a C++ person from back in the day, I can make something happen in python with more or less time investment to scrape the schedule listing and then retrieve the links to the streams (they're all .m3u8 streams, just don't know if they're dynamically generated or if the link is always the same for the same weekly service or parish).

The main comment/feature request that I just got from my wife in passing was that it'd be great if we could record a specific Mass service and then watch it later. As you can imagine, that threw a wrench in my plans, so I am coming here for guidance or advice. I'm fine with anything that's even just a set timer that records for a specific time period (say, 1h), but the few tutorials I read I didn't quite see any with the actual intent of recording such content, only playing it.

I also searched for ways to do it in Kodi without me having to go ahead and develop it from scratch but I couldn't seem to find anything to that effect.

I'm running this on a Raspberry Pi, so using third-party software such as VLC is something I'd probably not be able to do. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks for the time, and once again, apologies for the naivety as it's my first time trying to develop an add-on, as well as going about it in python.
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Recording live Mass service video stream on my add-on00