No sound resuming from suspend - Intel NUC (i5-3427U, DC53427HYE) FIXED - see post #4
I bought a new Yamaha Receiver (RX-A780) 2 weeks ago to replace my old one (RX-V765). Now when I turn on Kodi (Libreelec 9.2) (wake from suspend), there is no audio. I have to reboot the Intel NUC (DC53427HYE, (2013 model) in order to get the audio working. I never had to do this before with my old Yamaha receiver. NUC to Receiver to TV using HDMI cables. System is controlled using a Harmony 650 remote. Even if I turn on the TV and Receiver and wait 10 seconds to turn on the NUC, there is still no audio, so it's not a power on timing issue. Last night I noticed if I enter Kodi system / display / refresh rate and change it from 60 to 59.94, the screen flickers and the sound returns even if I don't accept the changes. But turning the system off (NUC suspend) and back on, there is no audio again.

Here's what I tried:

New hdmi cables
Different hdmi jacks on receiver
Custom EDID (getedit create)
HDMI audio extractor (from Monoprice)
New firmware for Intel NUC
NUC to TV using hdmi and TV to Receiver using optical. (TV too old to pass HD audio, although it did fix the no audio problem)
Every setting imaginable on the NUC, Yamaha Receiver and Sony TV (KDL-46XBR6)

Since my Intel NUC is quite old (2013), it isn't capable of a cold power on with a remote - suspend must be used.

I'm probably going to end up replacing my old NUC with a newer model if I don't find a solution soon. Thanks for any help in the meantime.
Post a debug log if you want help.
Need help programming a Streamzap remote?

I started Kodi by waking my Intel NUC from Suspend and then enabled debug logging. There was NO audio. If I were to reboot the NUC, the audio would return. I did not reboot for the log above.
mglae from the Libreelec Tech Forum solved this issue for me. He wrote a script that toggled the refresh rate to 59 and back to 60 which caused the audio driver to reload. Here's the script for those interested:

mkdir -p /storage/.config/sleep.d
cat >/storage/.config/sleep.d/99-toggle_rate.power <<'EOF'
case "$1" in
xrandr -display :0 --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 59.94
xrandr -display :0 --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 60

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No sound resuming from suspend - Intel NUC (i5-3427U, DC53427HYE) FIXED - see post #40
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