So displayremotecodes not working yet....But
On a Fujistsu Siemsens Laptop I have this small remote thingy, much like the one in
There is no driver present for this remote and works out of the box on the laptops IR receiver. It is not "seen" by the IR Server Suite software.

In XBMC, only the directional and OK button are working.
DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 61480 pressed, action is 4
DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 61478 pressed, action is 3
DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 61453 pressed, action is 7

The others are not. Tried to add the <displayremotecodes> tag, but found out that's not working yet in the SDL build.

However, the log file produces some debug lines containing "something unkown"
DEBUG: SDLKeyboard found something unknown (unicode <> printable ASCII): scancode: 25, sym: 112, unicode: 0, modifier: 0
DEBUG: SDLKeyboard found something unknown (unicode <> printable ASCII): scancode: 16, sym: 113, unicode: 0, modifier: 0
These "unkowns" represent the "|<" and the ">|" buttons on the remote.

As <displayremotecodes> is not working, are the Scancode or Sym numbers the correct values to use as an Original Button Code (obc) in the keymap.xml?
Figured something out....
Seems that the remote acts as a keyboard. For example, when hitting the ">>" button it sends "ctrl+shift+F" and for the stop button it sends "J".

Now the single "J" I can remap. Can this also be done for key with modifiers like CTRL and SHIFT?
Not currently, no. A patch would be most welcome though. See ButtonTranslator.cpp - I suspect you'll need to increase the current button variable from a WORD to a DWORD and store the modifiers in the higher bits.

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So displayremotecodes not working yet....But0
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