[split] Need help to choose a cheap Android TV box
Hey, guys! I need your advice on SwitchOnShop webstore. They sell tv boxes. I was adviced by my friend to buy their tv box. What do you think?
I've split your 'question' into a new thread in the Off-topic section, since you are asking more about a shop, and not a specific hardware device.

I do suggest that you no longer start double-/crosspost your question, as this will be regarded as spamming. Which will get your butt kicked off this forum pretty quickly.
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I couldn't find out new thread making thing on the forum so i am posting my question here!!!

I have gone through monthly best add-ons but most of them aren't working for me. Maybe I think due to torrents are blocked in my university. I am in India can someone share kodi add-ons which don't use torrents and work well in India. And do I need vpn here in India?
No, as we do not support either VPNs (see our VPN policy (wiki)) or sharing of media here.

It sounds like you're trying to use Kodi in ways which would violate our piracy policy (wiki), and for that you're on your own and very very much at your own risk.

Please actually read the forum rules (wiki) that you accepted and agreed to abide by here when you signed up.
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Umm thanks for the precautions, i m looking into the forum rules and privacy policy as well...
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[split] Need help to choose a cheap Android TV box00