RT Top 200 of the last decade (smartplaylist)
RT Link The 200 Best Movies of the last decade, I take no responsibility for the accuracy, but it seems to work. I simplified the listing by excluded sub 2009 dates, colons, odd foreign characters, and if your movie name doesn't match the title, you'll have to edit your movie title or the listing in the smart playlist for it to show up. Feel free to edit or improve, and if you do re-post with links. Should display in playlist order. https://pastebin.com/XU5RfPJu

The smart playlists posted are based on various criteria from RT and taken from the URL

Save this as "RT top decade.xsp" with your favourite editor (UTF-8 format) and place it in the Userdata (wiki) folder playlists/video, enter Kodi and select the listing in smart playlists. Obviously if you don't have the movie in your personal library, it isn't going to show up; on the other hand if you have multiple movies with the same name, this will inflate the number.
i have over 1200 movies my list
I don't think its a numbers game.

The smart playlist is taken from 200 Best Movies of the 2010s, curated by Rotten Tomatoes algorithm as the best of the decade. Using the link, in the added comments are a few titles that didn't make the list which I'll add here should you want to edit or even create your own choices.

Wind River
Django Unchained
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hunt
The Invitation
The Grey
Gone Girl
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Midnight in Paris
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Help
Gone Girl
Edge of Tomorrow
21 Jump Street
You Were Never Really Here
The Broken Circle Breakdown
Blue Jasmine
Silver Linings Playbook
Midnight in Paris
Hacksaw Ridge
Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films.xsp

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
    <name>Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films</name>
    <rule field="title" operator="is">
        <value>The Seven Samurai</value>
        <value>Bonnie and Clyde</value>
        <value>Reservoir Dogs</value>
        <value>Pan's Labyrinth</value>
        <value>Doctor Zhivago</value>
        <value>The Deer Hunter</value>
        <value>Close Encounters of the Third Kind</value>
        <value>Slumdog Millionaire</value>
        <value>The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King</value>
        <value>Beauty and the Beast</value>
        <value>Die Hard</value>
        <value>The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring</value>
        <value>On the Waterfront</value>
        <value>12 Angry Men</value>
        <value>Brokeback Mountain</value>
        <value>The Bridge on the River Kwai</value>
        <value>Blazing Saddles</value>
        <value>All the President's Men</value>
        <value>Young Frankenstein</value>
        <value>Almost Famous</value>
        <value>Monty Python and The Holy Grail</value>
        <value>The Lion King</value>
        <value>Raging Bull</value>
        <value>Mary Poppins</value>
        <value>Groundhog Day</value>
        <value>North by Northwest</value>
        <value>West Side Story</value>
        <value>Thelma & Louise</value>
        <value>Sunset Blvd.</value>
        <value>The Dark Knight</value>
        <value>Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind</value>
        <value>Taxi Driver</value>
        <value>Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid</value>
        <value>Good Will Hunting</value>
        <value>All About Eve</value>
        <value>The Big Lebowski</value>
        <value>Jurassic Park</value>
        <value>Rear Window</value>
        <value>The Usual Suspects</value>
        <value>Some Like It Hot</value>
        <value>Saving Private Ryan</value>
        <value>The Matrix</value>
        <value>Toy Story</value>
        <value>Fight Club</value>
        <value>The Shining</value>
        <value>When Harry Met Sally</value>
        <value>Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb</value>
        <value>Ferris Bueller's Day Off</value>
        <value>A Clockwork Orange</value>
        <value>American Beauty</value>
        <value>The Empire Strikes Back</value>
        <value>The Princess Bride</value>
        <value>One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest</value>
        <value>Blade Runner</value>
        <value>The Graduate</value>
        <value>The Breakfast Club</value>
        <value>Singin' in the Rain</value>
        <value>The Sound of Music</value>
        <value>Lawrence of Arabia</value>
        <value>The Silence of the Lambs</value>
        <value>It's a Wonderful Life</value>
        <value>Annie Hall</value>
        <value>Apocalypse Now</value>
        <value>To Kill a Mockingbird</value>
        <value>Gone With the Wind</value>
        <value>Forrest Gump</value>
        <value>Raiders of the Lost Ark</value>
        <value>Back to the Future</value>
        <value>Star Wars</value>
        <value>Schindler's List</value>
        <value>2001: A Space Odyssey</value>
        <value>E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial</value>
        <value>The Godfather: Part II</value>
        <value>Pulp Fiction</value>
        <value>The Shawshank Redemption</value>
        <value>Citizen Kane</value>
        <value>The Wizard of Oz</value>
        <value>The Godfather</value>
    <rule field="year" operator="greaterthan">
@the_other_guy Great list, web source? or is this a personal compilation?
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