XBOX 18.4 Leia (looking for decent xboxOne keymap/controller config)
Hey all, might be a needle in haystack question but.. I config'd an XML for use with my Xbox (OG) controller back in the XBMC days and much as that was a nice discovery and learning,. In 2019 if if anyone has any pre-made I would be so greatful.

Basically I miss being able to:

* Use LB , RB to skip next, prev music tracks
* Use analog#2 X-axis to seek thru track
* Use Y to drop out of full screen music (rather than the default behaviour: evoke Visualisation config menu)
* Have music display menu (next,prev, etc buttons) when pressing START/MENU button

that's off the top of my head.

There doesn't seem to be any UI based add-on for 'figging the controller afasics.

Can anyone point me in the right direction and help save a little time?

Kind regards, best 2020 all. Thanks, Phil
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Something like this? You may have to edit some specifics, but there is lots of default options there that you can likely leave.
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