Using Kodi MySQL database with multiple kodi versions?
I am currently using total of 4 kodi clients as follows:

2 raspberry pi 3B with Libreelec 9.2.0 (Kodi Leia 18.5)
1 Xbox one with Kodi Leia 18.5
1 laptop with Kodi Leia 18.5
1 Evolveo Q4 4K box with android 4.4.4 using fork of kodi called MyGica Center running what I believe is kodi version 17.6 (this can be replaced by rpi 3B or 4 to install Libreelec).

I would like to use 1 MySQL centralised database (stored on my Nas to which all the kodi instances are currently connected to when streaming media).

My question is simple:
Can Libreelec 9.2.0 (on raspberry pi), kodi 18.5 installed on laptop and kodi 18.5 (which I believe is UWP version) installed on Xbox one use the same mySQL database? I am sure, that the MyGica fork will probably not be able to use the same database due to still being Krypton kodi version, so I am thinking of getting a new raspberry pi to replace that evolveo box.

Currently I have the databases stored locally on each device and I would like to only have 1 database to maintain to be able to correct possible scrapper issues, library maintenance etc. on a single box and apply this to all the other boxes.

Could anyone let me know, whether this can be done?

Thank you in advance.
The same version of Kodi on different platforms can use the same SQL database.  Generally speaking database changes only happen on major version changes (i.e. 17 to 18) and not minor ones (i.e. 18.4 to 18.5) so you're almost always going to be fine with different minor versions as long as the major version is the same.  Here at my place I have Kodi on a Mac laptop, a Windows machine, and OSMC (which is a Debian linux variant specifically optimized for Kodi usage) all on 18.5 using the same SQL database.

You're right though, that 17.x variant can't share the same database.
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@pkscout Thank you for your response.

Seems like I have a weekend plan then Big Grin

Will also get 1 more rpi to replace the evolveo box with krypton.
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