Subtitle is not written to Synology NAS
Hello all,

I am using Kodi 17.3 Openelec 8.04 on a Intel NUC.
All is working fine except the subtitles. Every time I continue a movie I need to download the same subtitle again.
For some reason it does not seem to be written to the NAS.
Kodi is configured with the "Subtitle storage location" set to "Next to the video"
Kodi does download the subtitle from and puts it on the /storage/.kodi/temp/ folder but does not write it to my Synology NAS.
I have NFS set on my NAS with write access rights for the IP of my Kodi NUC.

Below is my log file with errors on lines 992, 1015 and 1063

Log file

What am I doing wrong?
I hope you can help me.
I have been able to resolve it after quite some googling and understanding how NFS works.
Problem started after disabling admin account., I disabled that for security purposes.

Solution to resolve this was changing the uid in the exports file on my Synology to that of a new created user with just enough access right on the share. 
Second thing to do is change the Squash on the NFS permission right on the share from "map all user to admin" to "no mapping"
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Subtitle is not written to Synology NAS00