Solved Commercial DVD playback: Green and Purple tinge

I am running Kodi v18.5 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3.  The hardware is a Dell Optiplex 760 SFF.  Kodi is installed from the "Team Kodi PPA".

When I play a commercial DVD, it has a purple and green "tinge" to it.  It is best described as looking like those 3D movies that use(d) the blue and red double-picture.  I have checked for any 3D settings enabled, but there are none.  I had exactly the same issue when I had the latest version of LibreElec installed on it just prior to installing the Ubuntu + Kodi on it.  I tried 4 different DVDs and they all have this same "issue".

On this very same install, I have installed VLC and I can play back these same DVDs without any issue, which is what makes me think it is a Kodi issue.  The kodi.log does not show any errors or warnings when playing the DVDs.  It has been a while since i have played DVDs back in Kodi, but I remember being able to do so without this issue.  Last time may have been version 17.x, but I am not 100% sure.

Any ideas of what the issue could be, or anything further you might need regarding this?

Thanks, in advance.

This is solved: disabling VAAPI did the trick.  It appears to be enabled by default.
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