Linux NFS Share isn't showing for me
Hi All,

I am building a new NAS and getting everything working, right now both are in play so I can check things side by side. My problem is that Kodi (on my Linux PC, Manjaro) cannot see the new NFS share I created.

When I use the usual method to add a Video Repo, Video > Files > Add videos... > Browse > NFS, at this point I see only the old NAS, not the new one.

Now I can manually mount this new NFS share using the terminal like so `sudo mount -t nfs kablamo.local:/Media ./nfs` and it mounts and is browsable without credentials, as intended.

So my question is does Kodi require more to be able to 'see' the share, I've never had to do anything in the past. Could it be some kind of caching?

Any suggestions welcome.

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OK, so a bug then. Trying to update sources.xml manually but it's not having it right now. Try again tomorrow.

(2020-01-07, 01:30)Noki Wrote: OK, so a bug then.

NFS browsing is currently a problem with certain machine (client->server) combinations.
Playing videos via NFS should be fine. Editing the sources.xml manually is a workaround.
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