Req Switching to profiles - questions and suggestions
I am currently using playlists on a customized home screen to split kid stuff, guest stuff, etc. There have been numerous issues so it seems profiles are the way to go. I have a MySQL DB, multiple clients.

1. Is there a way to have a library update run on a schedule or profile login?
2. Can a video clean up run on a schedule or even without the profile being logged in?

We add and remove content regularly, so we wouldn't want orphaned items in someone's profile.

Should the master profile be left alone and just additional profiles be created for everyone? (Or should I make the master profile be the parents profile?)

Is there a good lightweight skin that will let me put a switch profile option on the main screen? Currently using Aeon Nox, but it freezes constantly. (Seems To be a result of playlists on the home screen, but unconfirmed)

Can I trigger something to update all profiles? Like when my DVR records something and sends it to Sonarr, Sonarr triggers a Kodi update. Not sure how it'll work with profiles now.
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