v18 MythTV PVR freezes after one playback
Running Kodi 18.5 on Raspberry Pi, with LibreELEC 9.2.0.
While it sometimes plays more than one recording successfully, it now most frequently shows the following.
1) I watch a recording.
2) While the recording is playing (successfully), there is a small "wheel-within-a-wheel" rotating in the center of the screen.
3) At the end of the showing, the screen goes up a level, to what should be the list of recordings, but it displays a message about "No information", and the screen is frozen.
4) to recover from this I have to reboot the RPi.  This is most irritating.

Two logs are at:

I am quite prepared to post more detailed logs, if someone will tell me the level of detail to post.

P.S. I accessed https://paste.kodi.tv /  I got an essentially blank screen.  I found and clicked on a "new" button, which gave me a ">" on the left side of the screen.  I have no idea what do next to upload a log file.  Is there a place to go for instructions?  Am I missing something?
The logs are at:
Since no one has responded to this post so far (except myself), I have replicated the problem with Debug Mode enabled.  The log file is here.

System startup at 14:39 today (Jan 31, 2020).
At 14:43, after descending the selection tree, I started to watch an Episode of The Andy Griffith Show". (This show consistently exhibits the error.  However, it is not episode specific; any episode will do it.)
At 14:43:06.996, an ERROR line appears; I don't know if this is significant.

While the show is displaying, there is a pair of (small) blue circles counter-rotating in the center of the screen, for the whole time of the show.
Various commercial breaks are skipped during the show.
At 15:05, there is an ERROR message about an incomplete frame.
A few seconds later, there is another error message, which says that the process is aborting.
Then, there is a pair of ERROR messages about "server error" and "invalid response", followed (700 ms later) by two additional ERROR messages.

On the screen, once the show has completed, the list of episodes should appear.  In my case, what appears is a screen showing the words "No information available", and the screen is frozen.  (I suspect that the lines about "server error" are pertinent here.)

Since the screen is frozen, I cannot even go back and upload a log file; I had to restart and upload kodi.old.log.  (See link at start of this posting.)

Any help will be much appreciated.

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