Live TV buffer issue when changing channels
Since my post yesterday regarding channel changing, I've discovered that channel changing is actually happening with a Kodi 18.5 client and MediaPortal 1.23 server, however the the Live TV buffer keeps returning to the beginning of the buffer created when the initial channel is selected.  Thought I better do a new post, since the issue is different than I originally reported.

To get a bit more specific, if I select a show on USA Network, and then after 5 minutes change the channel to TNT Network, whatever was on when I selected USA initially starts playing.  After 5 minutes I'd see the channel change (as part of the buffer playback) to TNT.  This continues if I were then to select ESPN after another 5 minutes, the buffer would start playing again beginning with USA, then TNT, then finally ESPN after what would now be 10 minutes.  The only workaround I've found so far is to stop the channel stream, and select the new channel from the guide.

Channel changing has worked perfectly in all previous versions of Kodi that have supported live TV.  I've tried turning off fast channel switching in the MediaPortal PVR Client addon, since this would appear to be on-point, however that has not made any difference.

Software versions:

Kodi 18.5
MediaPortal TV Server 1.23

Log file:

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Live TV buffer issue when changing channels0
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