Writer(s) / lyricist (& maybe producer) as Song Infolabel?
Would it be possible?

i finde it interesting to knew who did write a Track. There are sometimes Artists who just barely write there Songs themselves, not shure how ofthen this happens but if i look at some Rihanna songs, it looks like ofthen theres a Writer Team behinde the Songs.

As a Example the Song "Shut Up and Drive" was written by the following Persons: "Carl Sturken, Evan Rogers, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Paul David Morris, Gilian Gilbert"

On the buyed CD (the one u can tuch) This Info can sometimes be finde in the Booklet : "Music: blablub / Lyrics: blablub" (or sometimes write behine the Trackname). How this behaves with downloads is a different question.

What i ask myself is, is this something which can be Tagged, or is it may actualy already in some Tags? (which Kodi could read?) Or would this have to be scraped? (From a quick investigation "The Audio DB" doesnt list such Infos per Song.)

Possible to have "ListIten.Lyricist" / "ListItem.Writer" as a Infolabel within Kodi?

It's already there. 

ListItem.Property(Role.Arranger) - Returns the name of the person who arranged the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Composer) - Returns the name of the person who composed the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Conductor) - Returns the name of the person who conducted the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.DJMixer) - Returns the name of the dj who remixed the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Engineer) - Returns the name of the person who was the engineer of the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Lyricist) - Returns the name of the person who wrote the lyrics of the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Mixer) - Returns the name of the person who mixed the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Orchestra) - Returns the name of the orchestra performing the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Producer) - Returns the name of the person who produced the selected song
ListItem.Property(Role.Remixer) - Returns the name of the person who remixed the selected song

Of course, it depends upon skin implementation and those roles being in your tags.  Best practice recommends tagging with Musicbrainz Picard and using their data for the tags, which often includes all this (and more!).
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Shame (ma fault)

Je, ur right, already there, the Skin im using seems to have this lables within the InfoDialog. So guess its my Tagging.

Except from a quick Test some Years ago, i didnt use Piccard. (Not shure why i decide against using it than, from a vague remembering, i guess it messed up my wellchoosen (and Handtagged) Genres.

may its worth another try..

r there ofthen infos about lyricist when Tagged with Piccard, or is this more a "sometimes, but not ofthen included" thing?
Guess it depends on how popular the artist/group is and whether or not someone has added the info to their database.

I've just checked around 30~40 tracks (in Kodi) that all have at least composer + lyricist in the data. Most of them also had producer info.  Just as an example, a track from Now, that's what I call music 11, (Who Found Who by Jellybean Ft. Elisa Fiorillo) shows Lyricist and composer info and I think that's reasonably obscure, so there's a fair chance that there will be at least some info in there.

I think you can set Picard to leave your genre tags alone, but I haven't fired it up to check because I'm busy with something else so don't take it as gospel.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
Thanks for having a look a the tags / for the info.
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