Does anyone has a working ambilight in Kodi on a Raspbian runnng on Pi4?
Hi there,

I try to set up ambilight on my Raspbian, which also has a Kodi installed - I could make it work on Raspbian itself with Boblight (works as it should), but if I launch Kodi, it stops to work (addon installed in Kodi). It flickers up at the start of the movie, and stays as it is. Hyperion in addition does not light up any LED, it blackens the screen when I start a movie (local or Netflix, anything actually), seems to be frozen (however there is sound) and restart is my only option.

So if anyone has a working system like this and was able to create some ambilight, I would highly appreciate some help here. If you need any more help to get a log, or install something, please let me know.
I never got my ambilight to work on Raspbian on a B, 2B or 3B+.  Hyperion works a treat on LibreELEC.
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Some years ago I got Hyperion working with a Raspberry Pi + Raspbian + Kodi. By the time Raspbian wasn't supported and I wrote a patch for it to work. Now it is officially supported on Raspbian. But I never tested it with a RPi 4 and I don't have the ambilight stuff anymore.
Anyway, by a quick look at the Hyperion forum, there seems to be some ppl with problems with the RPi 4 regardless the OS. One guy said he got it working on Raspbian with Hyperion-dispmanx, never used it...
Check it here:
Users report that my add-on doesn't work either. I think it's because of the hardware rendering system used on the RPi 4 doesn't support the RenderCapture method that all of these add-ons use. If you try it with hardware rendering off it might work, but it's probably too slow to watch anything properly. Worth a shot just to confirm it though.
I got way too more answers than I expected, thank you! In the coming days I will have some time again for this project.
@speedwell68 : Yes, I heard that LibreELEC works as charm, but my life would be easier with a single OS, and it's a worst case scenario for me, to install LibreELEC as well. I know it's a good fallback option, but thank you for mentioning it!
@rascas  and @Snapcase I will definietly try out the things you mentioned and I will come back with the results.
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Does anyone has a working ambilight in Kodi on a Raspbian runnng on Pi4?00