Movie Universe - Not ordering
Hi all,

I've just set up my MCU universe, following the instructions here: HOW-TO:Movie_universe (wiki) to the letter.

I've created the custom playlist and it locates the Marvel films however it won't order correctly.

I have it set to 'Order by File' 'Ascending' however it's just ordering them alphabetically (starting from the name of the film but seemingly ignoring the MCU010 part, ie Ant Man, Ant Man vs the Wasp, Avengers, Black Panther etc)

I've tried changing the Order By field and it has no effect on the order.

However if I choose to Group By Sets it does update the playlist (I will keep the Group By to none, this was just to check that the playlist was responding).

Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong?

Thanks in advance

Edit: I'm using Aeon Nox Silvo skin
In the left sideblade menu check you have sorting by Files

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Hi thanks for getting back to me.

Ahhh so it's the view options that you have to edit! I had the Smart Playlist to sort by File but not the View Options. Strange that the smart playlist settings doesn't override but it's all sorted now, thank you! Smile 

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