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Last night when my wife's uncle came home he tried to watch TV in the guest room. The bottom half of the screen is washed out real bad if it has any color at all. This was working just fine 2 days ago so something changed but I'm unsure of what. I did do updates yesterday I believe. Everything else is fine, local media from our server and music playback is all good. Just MythTV playback has the issue so I can rule out the hdmi port, the cable, or the tv.

What's interesting is that this is an Ubuntu 18.04 machine, which is identical to the living room yet the living room doesn't have this problem. I'm thinking a setting or something.

This paste is the updates I did just the other day.

*EDIT* just for good measure I dumped the user folder and started fresh. same problem exists.

*EDIT* Mythtv is not the problem. Turns out it was definitely one of those updates. I didn't track down which. For 18.04 I've had a ton of trouble with my pxe image. I've changed it to use my 16.04 image and it works just fine.
I've got the same problem, but am using AMDGPU only, so it's at least not nouveau.
With all due respect, why is this "solved"? The problem exists. I am on Kodi 18 with  add on v5.10.5, which is the latest official, AMD radeon stock diver, broken in both ubuntu 18.04 and 19.10
This is a bug in Mesa on AMD. The fix is queued for the next Mesa 20.0.5 stable release, and already in the development Mesa 20.1.x branch.
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