What are your views on backing up PVR recordings - worth the bother?

Does anyone on here back up their TV recordings?

I personally don't but would be pretty devastated if I lost them all, so am thinking about doing this.

However, with a single HD program running to multiple GBs, I was wondering whether it is worth bothering with.

What are your views?

Although I will never be devastated should I loose all recordings, I sometimes transcode recordings and move them to another location if I think at a later time someone might be interested in watching it.

Most I just delete after or even before watching Wink
I did used to back up my movies, however in the end that became expensive so I stopped. You usually get a warning before a hard drive fails, so you can easily unplug buy a new hard drive and then transfer any data across before the drive fails.

The only thing that I am looking at backing up now, when I finally get around to sorting out my jukebox is the MP3's.

You can always find a movie or a TV show in a charity shop (whistles) for cheap, so losing movies or TV shows do not really bother me. I rarely watch movies anyway, and still have God knows how many blockbuster movies left to watch from last year. 

The reason why I want to back up my MP3's are because they take far too long to tag and I hate tagging, I can have 100 movies done before I can have 100 mp3's done.
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Thanks guys.

Maybe you are right - as you say, most shows/films can be bought for next to nothing anyway.

Perhaps I shall stick to backing up only the irreplaceable stuff, then.
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What are your views on backing up PVR recordings - worth the bother?00
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