Win Dolby Digital Plus Bitstream Output - Handling High Audio Frame Rate
Hi All,

I'm trying to understand a fairly wide ranging DD+ incompatibility between Kodi running HDDVD DD+ streams and various AVRs/Prepros. All of the AVRs work when playing the original disks as Bitstream using an actual HDDVD player. The Denon and Marantz I tested can also play the Kodi output; the Datasat, Emotiva and Arcam all fail to play the high bit rate DD+ streams when using Kodi.

Here is a sample of an HDDVD stream which has the problem:

It is obvious from the Denon/Marantz AVRs working that manufacturers can work around this but it also seems Kodi is doing something a little differently to other players and streaming devices which why I'm asking the question in the title.

The issue with all of the DD+ tracks that wont play is the audio frame rate exceeds the 31.25 norm, according to Wikipedia the audio frame rates within the HDDVD files are within spec.

Here are my results:
Liar Liar - 5.1 - 1536Kbit - 187.5FPS (256 SPF) - Fails
Liar Liar - 2.0 - 192Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Lethal Weapon 2 - 5.1 - 640Kbit - 62.5 FPS (768 SPF) - Fails
Led Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same - 192Kbit- 2.0 - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Yes- Live At Montreux - 5.1 - 768Kbit - 62.5 FPS (768 SPF) - Fails

Inside Out (French) - 7.1 - 896Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Secret Life Of Pets (Spanish) - 7.1 - 768Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
BlacKkKlansman (French) - 7.1 - 768Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Finding Dory (French) - 7.1 - 896Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Dolby Safari Demo - 7.1 - 1664Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK
Dolby Leaf Demo - 5.1 + Atmos - 448Kbit - 31.25FPS (1536 SPF) - OK

Can anyone who knows about this low level decoding stuff comment on where they think the issue may lie? Is it likely the HDDVD players reform the stream to use larger samples? (I'm guessing Kodi has some sort of support in order for it work with some receivers)
I think there is more knowledgeable people in the music section that might be able to shine a light on this issue.
I have done some further research with the help of others on the AVSForum and this appears to be a bug which is unique to Kodi. Test results here:

Windows Media player and Power DVD Ultra have no compatibility issues bit streaming the audio on these files. Some Denon/Marantz receivers will work with Kodi bits treaming. Onkyo, Arcam, some Denon and Pioneer all fail to stream lower SPF DD+ files with Kodi.
This does not belong in music. I'll move you to OS Independent forum.

Please provide a Debug Log which captures the issue.
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