I have been updating a skin and have run across a problem. When I try to configure the skin settings I don't have the main menu. Everything works fine in V15 but not V17. For some reason my computer is being difficult and I can't take a screen shot. The log shows this:

16:59:57.090 T:4671116736   DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (SettingsCategory.xml) ------
16:59:57.106 T:4671116736   DEBUG: ------ Window Init (SkinSettings.xml) ------
16:59:57.106 T:4671116736    INFO: Loading skin file: SkinSettings.xml, load type: LOAD_EVERY_TIME
16:59:57.144 T:4671116736   ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window filestackingdialog
16:59:57.151 T:4671116736   DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture 'ScrollBarV.png'
16:59:57.151 T:4671116736   DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture 'ScrollBarV_bar.png'
16:59:57.152 T:4671116736   DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture 'ScrollBarV_bar_focus.png'
16:59:57.153 T:4671116736   DEBUG: [Warning] CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture 'ScrollBarNib.png'
17:00:10.795 T:123145439567872   DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times.
17:00:10.795 T:123145439567872 WARNING: DARWINOSX: underflow (0 vs 4096 bytes)

In V15 I don't get the error with the filestackingdialog. The only place I find reference to it in my skin is the includes.xml. Here is that piece of code:

<include name="BehindDialogFadeOut">
        <control type="image">
            <animation effect="fade" time="400">Visible</animation>
            <animation effect="fade" time="200">Hidden</animation>
            <visible>Window.IsActive(MovieInformation) | Window.IsActive(MusicInformation) | Window.IsActive(SongInformation) | Window.IsActive(FileBrowser) | Window.IsActive(ContentSettings) | Window.IsActive(SelectDialog) | Window.IsActive(FileStackingDialog) | Window.IsActive(MediaSource) | Window.IsActive(PictureInfo) | Window.IsActive(PlayerControls) | Window.IsActive(VirtualKeyboard) | Window.IsActive(NumericInput) | Window.IsActive(ProfileSettings) | Window.IsActive(LockSettings) | Window.IsActive(SmartPlaylistEditor) | Window.IsActive(SmartPlaylistRule) | Window.IsActive(script-RSS_Editor-rssEditor.xml) | Window.IsActive(script-RSS_Editor-setEditor.xml) | Window.IsActive(audiodspmanager)</visible>

What is this FileStackingDialog and why does it work in V15 but not Krypton?
It was removed in Jarvis (v16) and replaced with DialogSelect
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See also discussion here:
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You need to remove any reference to it in your skin code as the window no longer exists
It used to be used when you have a movie split into parts and you wanted to select one of them - e.g. Alien-CD1.avi Alien-CD2.avi
Thanks. I fixed that FileStackingDialog problem but it didn't fix the problem I was trying to solve in the first place. I was not staying organized enough and was actually using a version of my skin that had been updated to Leia. During that update I removed the <onclick>noop</onclick> lines from the items in the list. I think I better go back and find out where else I did that.
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