Is there a way to filter to a particular Disc within a box set?
I'm making use of @black_eagle's great work with boxsets to help organize my library.  Since Kodi currently recognizes multi-disc sets as a single album, I am unable to display a particular disc by way of a smart playlist; it's either the entire multi-disc "album" or nothing.  Is it possible to create a custom node, for example, that considers discs within an album as a container that can then be further filtered with rules to display only certain discs?

A bit more background on what I'm trying to do: my library features a fair bit of classic rock music which has been remastered and remixed and re-released again and again, sometimes in surround versions, etc.  With a little tag-fu the new boxset functionality has been great for organizing all these releases into multi-disc albums, with each disc a different version within the album container.  Makes for a neat and tidy library when I browse by album (which is mostly all I ever do).  But I can't then display only discs tagged in some manner with "surround" or "SACD" or the like.

If I must, I'll go back to retagging these "special" discs with unique album titles so that they can be selected individually, although I'm not crazy about losing the ability to group them all together visually as one big "album".  Hoping the core logic exists to browse and filter individual discs, and I just don't know how yet.  Any thoughts?
(2020-02-03, 13:47)antisuck Wrote: I am unable to display a particular disc by way of a smart playlist;
Maybe put something in the Comment [COMM] tag like 'surround' or 'SACD' and make smart playlists that way?

Playlist 1:
Album = ABC
Comment = SACD

Playlist 2:
Album = ABC
Comment = surround

Also, one thing I discovered recently is that if you add a music smart playlist to Favourites, you can associate a picture/thumbnail with that playlist (via context menu) in the Favourites node.  I don't know if it would work but maybe you could add SACD-ALL and Surround-ALL playlists there, add SACD/Suround 'logos' to identify them and then filter your album(s) from within those playlists in the Favourites node?  (Edit:  I just looked at filtering in the Favourites node and I don't see anything that could help you...)

P.S. The Grouping tag [TIT1] is potentially another option but it's not in Kodi yet, I believe.
P.P.S.  I'm usually wrong when I make suggestions so take what I say with a pinch of salt Smile
Thanks for the reply dubwat, but I probably wasn't clear enough in my original post. I'm already doing the things you mentioned.

I'm using a new (matrix only) function that groups the individual discs of a box set into a single big album for organization purposes. The problem is, once grouped together like that, I can't get playlists and the like to display a single disc out of the set any more.

Ugly example since I'm on mobile:

Artist: Pink Floyd
-- Album (as box set) Dark Side of the Moon
---- Disc 1: original cd
---- Disc 2: Japanese SACD (comment SACD)
---- Disc 3: Immersion Set 5.1 version (comment surround)
---- Disc 4: Super Deluxe whatsit

Since smart playlists only operate on songs or albums, if I filter for "surround" I get the entire album group, most of which aren't surround at all. So I'm hoping there is a way for Kodi to return individual discs out of the album set.

It's confusing and esoteric and probably not possible, but it can't hurt to ask. Smile
@antisuck I can't check right now as Kodi is in the middle of building, but IIRC, you should be able to filter a smartplaylist by disctitle contains.  So you can do

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="songs">
    <name>Marillion - SACD</name>
    <rule field="artist" operator="is">
    <rule field="disctitle" operator="contains">
    <order direction="ascending">Track</order>

That should give you the tracks of any discs by Marillion where the disc title contains SACD.  You can mess around with the value in the disctitle to include or exclude more discs.  This example will show all the tracks from any discs by Marillion that contain SACD in the title.  If there is just the one then it'll just show the tracks from that one.

Not ideal I know, but maybe enough to get you started.  I think what you would prefer though is a method in the filter to be able to only show that one disc ?  Currently the filter can pick out an album (so the set in your case) containing a disc with that title, but then it'll show all the discs, rather than just the one.
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(2020-02-04, 00:28)black_eagle Wrote:  

You hit the nail on the head as far as what I would like ideally (playlist or node that returns a list of discs, not a list of albums or a list of songs). Just had this crazy dream that maybe that type of functionality was buried in the custom node logic or somewhere I hadn't looked.

I'm currently abusing the RELEASETYPE tag for this purpose since it's a text field and I'm already in there tagging boxsets, then filtering exactly as your example.  Tags looks like:

boxset, remaster
boxset, surround
boxset, sacd, surround

I shall play further.  Letting go of some of my OCD in this area wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

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Is there a way to filter to a particular Disc within a box set?0
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