Minimal slide information in SlideShow
I wanted to have the option to display a minimal slide information in the picture slideshow
only with filename, date and shutterspeed and aperture.
Complete EXIF information when pressing "info" on the remote was too much, so I figured out
how to make a small information overlay.
After some hard and long work and after copying the skin to have it modified (see skinning guide)
it turned out that basically only two files need to be changed:
In SlideShow.xml (mind the visible tag for the label):
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <control type="image">
                        <visible>![Player.Playing + Player.HasVideo] | SlideShow.IsPaused</visible>
                <control type="label">
                    <description>Picture comment</description>
                    <!-- <visible>![Slideshow.IsPaused]</visible> -->
                    <label>$INFO[slideshow.filename] [CR]$INFO[slideshow.exiftime] [CR]$INFO[slideshow.exposuretime] - $INFO[slideshow.aperture]</label>

And to toggle the boolean "CustomSlideInfo" it needs to modify the remote.xml (in unserdata):

Maybe I missed something and the minimal slide information is already built-in?
Maybe this approach is right or wrong as per kodi concept?
However it works as intended on kodi 18.5 (OSMC, RPI) with the standard skin
and also with the OSMC skin.
Regards, Stefan
Nice Idea

Did recently think of something similar. What i had in minde, was to show the Location where a Picture was thaken. Not with coordinates, with plain text. Something like: "Street, City, State, County"

Not to easy, as most Cameras store "only" GPS tags. Do u (per accident) knew a Software, which is able to add such Info to the EXIF Data? As much as i knew there are "unused" TAGs like "Geolocation" or

0x001c 28 GPSInfo Exif.GPSInfo.GPSAreaInformation (Undefined) see Link  (exif2)  Link which could be used to store such Info.

Looks like it shuld be possible to add such Info via "phyton":
Quote:This is pretty much boilerplate use of the Python requests library to work with web services that you can get with a pip install requests. I’m then calling the Reverse Geocoder API endpoint with parameters to retrieve the closest address within 50 meters. This returns a JSON response that I can use to quickly label the photograph with Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States to create an album or whichever level of detail I find useful for an application.

This is a good way for example to process and group your photos by city, state, country or zip code with just a little bit of batch sorting.

Link to the Blogpost: Here (bit over my scope..)

So if u knew of a Softwhare which can add such a TAG (readable Location)..


But back to topic:

U did add a bit to much tags to ur Label control. is there a reason for "auto" high? (not even shure this works). Also "colordiffuse" and the 2nd Font Tag isnt needed there.
if interested: Label Control Wiki entry

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