Req Smaller/Sliced/More Tiles at each 'page' in Favourites
I would like to see more Tiles at each 'page' in Favourites; like 4 or 3 times more, at least 2 times more;  in the space of 1 Tile to have stacked 4 [or 3 or at least 2] of what would be basically just the name of a Favourite [with little color differences as backgrounds, since there would be no space for full logos...].
This is not a request for 'List' instead of 'Tiles' since 1 item per a long row would also be wasteful.
Preferably, what to change in some xml or some config file in Kodi itself, not recomendations for a Skin or Addon that do it, but if no config possible, then whatever ways.
Think this would be better suited to the Estuary skin thread or Requests. Various skins set-up favourites differently, you might want to give a few a test drive. Alternative to favourites is  Smart playlists (wiki) and Nodes (wiki) utilizing favourites as the link to custom menus, buttons and icons with entire pages of tiles. Of course anything in Kodi is possible given the open source nature, and skins edits is a place to start for full customization.

Moving this to Feature Requests.
'A node is basically a filtered library', so it doesn't seem to do anything to the size of the tiles, and none of the offered Skins seems to 'slice' the Tiles as I said [idk if because 'chopped' logos in mini-Tiles wouldn't look cool in their Skins, or if it cannot be done at present in Kodi...], so hopefully this will be added as a regular option in Kodi or official Estuary.
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Smaller/Sliced/More Tiles at each 'page' in Favourites00