Suggestion - Read media info from NFO generated from TMM

I usually scrap my movies with TMM, leaving TMM to generate a poster & nfo file.

When adding a source, what it takes a lot of time is to do the media info of every video file. 

And I was wondering...

Wouldn't be possible to have TMM reading media info from the NFO file that It had already created TMM?

I have many movies moved from their original location.  When I add them again to TMM, with all the jpg and nfo files, it has to do all the media info again, consuming a lot of time.

Considering that the media info is already written in the NFO... It would be great to have just TMM reading that media info from the NFO file instead of the videofile in itself.

I think it will save a lot of time, and you can always add an option to refresh that mediainfo from the videosource instead of the NFO file.
Sorry, wrong advise
Well, yes, i understand your idea.
The values we write into this NFO are solely for kickstarting Kodi with some values.

MediaInfo library changes also over time, so reading a movie with an older version might give different results.
Since we have to interprete these values, it is always good to have a scan with a "recent" version of it, instead of relying of 5 year old values from NFO.
Furthermore, once you have read it, there is barely no need to rescan it... so the benefit of this request is quite low.
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Suggestion - Read media info from NFO generated from TMM00
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