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Quote:Added : New Skin MARK-III. Think of it as a cross between a few different skins I have worked on. If you plan on using it on the xbox I recommend you resize the background images to 1024x512 and put them in an xpr file or you will get serious lag in Home menu. As always have fun enjoy and make sure you read the MARK-III_Readme.txt for credits

Quote:Icon graphic are made by Mikebeecham Used with permission and
recolored by me they can be found here
Please ask his permision before you take them for yourself and
use them in other skins or projects.

Most of the other Graphics are made by NineT9Mustang AKA MattAArron
from the Vision 2 skin (also used with permision) you can find the
Vision2 skin here https://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge....er/Vision2

This skin is for 720p and up only though it will still work on lower
just look pretty average, It also has no 4x3 support

I recommend that you up your icon cache to at least 512 anything
smaller and list view looks pretty average (Linux XBMC is allready
bigger than that anyway).

The Backgrounds are ones I found all over the net thanks to google
image search if you own the right to any of them please let me know
The exception is the the Pictures Kitty one that I took from the
original AEON skin Backpack.http://www.aeonproject.com/

humanist_521_condensed_bt.ttf font was found as a free download
from this site http://www.ufonts.com/search/?q=Humanist

Liberation fonts have their own licence in the fonts directory

Enjoy the skin

WOWShocked Just WOW man.
Im at work so I can try it right now but the screen shots looks fantastic. I think you really capture each category with the backdrops, love the music and the weather ones, just great man.
Thanks for sharing Nod
Operating System: Win7 64-Bit Pro w/SP1
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Remote: Harmony One and HP Receiver
Display: 65" Toshiba dlp HDTV
XBox Version: 1.6b
Xbox Mod: XboxHDM (Ndure)
Xbox Hard Drive: Seagate 400GB[/size]
Very nice. How the hell do you find the time for all this?
Hitcher Wrote:Very nice. How the hell do you find the time for all this?

LOL well this one was easy, I made it side by side with vision 2 as you can probably tell Laugh basically most of the dialogs and some of the other stuff in vision2 that 9T9 wants to change came FROM this skin to help complete vision2. And I got the home screen and a couple of views from vision2 and changed them a little.

Really you could say this is Vision2 with backgrounds and different view types ( I think I themed it a little better ) and animated it.
Think of it as Vision 2 "my way" not 9t9's thus the name MARK-III as in its the third version of os a skin because I bought back the original blue color and some of the streaks from vision 1
Whos 9T9? OH you mean NineT9mustang

Kudos on the skin! Been looking forward to this secret youve been hiding while we've been doing Vision2! Hopefully I'll give it a shot sometime soon, as we both know my current status :/

I can sit here and go off complimenting all the aspects of Mark-III, but youve already heard a lot of them before in IRC Smile

I'm looking forward to it though! If its anything like what Basics-Vision did to Vision, I'm sure it will kick major butt, like Batman did in The Dark Knight
I didn't see this coming, impressive!
Instead of downscale the images, wouldn´t a uncompressed format background image load quicker?
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I tried and on the xbox it was even worse (because they much bigger file size) the quickest way to load the images on the xbox is to make sure they are to the power of 2 (8,16,32,64,128,512,104,2048.....) and in an XPR then it nativally loads them quicker and was the only way I could get the home menu to animate smoothly.
This is due to stupid file system on the xbox jmarshall tells me, on win32 or linux and probably apple it can read the files much quicker and its not an issue

But feel free to prove me wrong
very nice jezz, props! will check how it works on my box with smaller image-files..
Aanyone trying it on an xbox download this (extract it) and put it in the media folder and select it as a theme in settings

P.S. I'm not sure all the stuff needed for this skin has been ported back to XBOX source from the LINUX branch so if you run into errors on the xbox sorry you will just have to wait
looks awesome. can't wait to try it.
Big Grin 
Nice skin man!! Can`t wait too try this out when i get home from my vacationLaugh
just checked it out man, the animation is class especially when you go from full list to media info in your albums... The pics are a little step down from the vision 2 set i think tho [whats with the catsHuh lol] but everything else is spot on...

Still needs an rss feed on the home screen aswell, also i used the xboxbacks theme from the other page and it increased the speed a great deal!

keep it up!
Really cool skin... Vision2's twin brother... totally love it... Jezzie... nice work... a well kept secret, yet worth the wait...
Thanks for the smaller bg's jezz, works like a charm...Will you be adding multiple backdrop cycling? One thing I noticed is that in library mode, the little check-mark for 'watched' is missing. and perhaps you could throw in an osd from basics-vision, I dont really like the standard osd. Other than that, I'm loving it!
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