Newbie needing help with music playlists etc
Maybe the addon in this thread is what you are looking for.
Althought the addon is not in the offical Kodi repo and quite old, it works fine for me.

P.S. I really would love to see this function implemented in the core of Kodi.
(2020-02-09, 21:01)black_eagle Wrote: To be clear, you have to go to the playlist you want to edit/add to, then find the album/track you want to add and press c on that to get the add option.
I am really struggling to get the hang of all this. It would not let me send a reply on the night as it said I had used up my allowance of 9 posts for the day. So I waited till the next morning and yet it's was still saying the same thing? So maybe it means per 24 hour period rather than actual 'the day'?? So waited another day and no it seems I'm allowed to post!!
So this message (if it gets through) is for black_eagle who helped me so much the other night. I think I have it all sorted now. No-one would ever know that you had to press the 'c' key to get up the menu thing or to get the 'add' message to come up!! But it worked fine. I've been able to add albums to existing playlists. Deleting is a bit trickier. The problem is that when you go into the playlist it just gives you the big list of tracks down the right hand side. So basically I have had to delete the tracks one by one. It's a bit of a ballsache but it's not something I'll need to do too often. Finally, I had also created a few 'smart' playlists when I'd been playing around. Of course that was not a complete success due to my tagging problems. I tried using the keyword 'Christmas' and yes it gave me some Xmasy albums but also a load of other weird albums that had nothing to do with Christmas!! With my new found knowledge I have tried to go into that to delete the dodgy ones, but clearly there must be different rules as when you go into 'edit' it just brings up the original start page and asks you for the search parametres etc.
Finally I tried to contact a moderator to ask why it won't now let me post replies etc but I drew a blank there. I found the long list of moderators but I have no idea how to contact them from that list as when you click on contact details there is nothing there! I hope you get this ok, I am really grateful for the help you've given me so far! Mike
Yeah, smart playlists are just that....'smart'.  In other words, rather than you sit and find albums or songs you want to listen to, you give a smart playlist a set of rules and Kodi does all the work in finding the content from your library.  They are also smart in that if you add or remove content in your library, then any smart playlists that reference that content will automatically update.  Although smart playlists work best with a properly tagged library, you can also use sources and file paths to filter with.  If your library is not very well tagged, you might be better filtering on just parts of names and using 'contains'.  E.G., you could filter albums where the title contains 'xmas'.  So you would set up rules that say Title contains Xmas, Title contains 'xmas', Title contains 'Christmas' and match ONE of the rules.  So that should give you album titles containing 'Xmas', 'xmas' or 'Christmas' but NOT 'christmas' because its cAse sEnsitive!

No clue about the posting problem I'm afraid.
Learning Linux the hard way !!
To add to the above.

Smart Playlists are dynamic in that the rules provide filters that are applied to the music database every time you open the playlist, to give you a listing of everything that matches the rules AT THAT TIME. Where this comes in handy is that as you add new music to the database, if any of it matches the smartplaylist rules, then next time you open the playlist the the new music will automatically appear without you having to do a thing.

The listing a smartplaylist gives can also be used to generate a new static playlist. For example you have a house party, you can use a smartplaylist rules to show disco music from the 1970's, so this very quickly gives you a listing of matching music, you can then save it as a static playlist which you can then edit to remove tracks to fine tune the playlist.

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Newbie needing help with music playlists etc0
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