Android 7.1 Failing to build KODI Leia on Linux for Android 7.1
Hey all,

I'm following the instructions on github for building KODI Leia but keep getting build errors while building dependencies.
Since I'm trying to build for Android 7.1, I'm using API 24 (I would use 25 but the NDK no longer supports it).
I'm using NDK r20b as specified in the instructions.

I see that under the xbmc-depends directory, it says "aarch64-linux-android-21-debug". does that refer to SDK level 21? or NDK 21?

In any case, here is my configure line:

DX=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/24.0.3/dx ZIPALIGN=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/24.0.3/zipalign AAPT=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/24.0.3/aapt ./configure --with-tarballs=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/xbmc-tarballs --host=aarch64-linux-android --with-sdk-path=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/android-sdk-linux --with-ndk-path=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/android-ndk-r20b --prefix=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/xbmc-depends --with-toolchain=/home/tal/no_snapshot/kodi/android-tools/aarch64-linux-android-ndk-r20b --with-sdk=24.0.3

Here is the configure output: ujobinasod.kodi (paste)

I noticed that if I don't specify where my DX, AAPT and ZIPALIGN are, it uses those from SDK 28 instead on 24.

My build fails while building pcre: oxicafezob (paste)

Any ideas?
I followed the instructions but trying to build to a different API level.
My android box runs Android 7.1 with Leia 18.5 from play store so should be possible right?
If I compile for API 28 I won't be able to install on Android 7.1, right?


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7.1 Failing to build KODI Leia on Linux for Android 7.100
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