Weard Flickering of the available Drivespece Label ($INFO[PVR.backenddiskspace])
Im on Windows and using the Mediaportal- Backend / Addon.

Here the Drivespace-Lable $INFO[PVR.backenddiskspace] have a weard Flickering. (Or shows 100% instead of the real available Drivespace, if there isnt set the visible condition !Integer.IsGreater(PVR.backenddiskspaceprogr,100).)  i have now 84% Recording Drivespace in use, and didnt Notice this Flickering before. (Label pulses -> shows - hide, shows, hide, and so on.. wich looks just odd.

I guess this is hardcoded.

Could this Functionality be removed?  I guess its ment as a warning, but this flickering is just anojing.

IMHO. Its better to leave the decition to the Skin if this lable shuld flicker / pulse.
<animation effect="fade" start="0" end="100" time="20" delay="500" condition="Integer.IsGreater(PVR.backenddiskspaceprogr,80)" pulse="true">Conditional</animation>
** untested **

Did a bit futher investigation, and this flickering appears only on Clients. - No Flickering on the PC which holds the TV Server! - So might not a Kodi issue?
Also not shure this Flickering is related to the Drivespace, probably someting else?

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Weard Flickering of the available Drivespece Label ($INFO[PVR.backenddiskspace])00
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