How to check, if a movie is in a folder on the share, or not

I have a ListItem ( of a movie and would like to check, if the movie file is in a folder or folder structure below the source's base path or as a file directly in the source's base path. The reason for this is that I would later like to move the movie.

How can I achieve this? Can I get the "importing" source of a movie, it's path, and compare the paths?
Or can I get a list of all the sources with type "movies" and compare to them?
Do I have to check this in the library database?

Any help and hints are very appreciated, thank you
@Montellese or anybody? Wink Any ideas?
Is there a way to get the file sources for the library from Python? Any hint is very appreciated.
AFAIK the python API does not offer any way to get a list of media sources. But IIRC JSON-RPC provides Files.GetSources to get a list of media sources for the provided "media" type which must be one of the following:
  • video
  • music
  • pictures
  • files
  • programs
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Got it working - thank you so much!
I didn't know about the JSON-RPC API yet. Your input is very much appreciated.
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How to check, if a movie is in a folder on the share, or not00