v18 Chorus2 doesn't load albums
Hi everybody,
so I have a problem with webui in Kodi.
What's worse it's independent from the ui I pick up.
The thing is that in the web interface there are sometimes situations where artists doesn't list any albums/songs but the play button is active and what's surprising, when I click it, it will start playing all the songs from the albums that are from this artist.
Of course there's no such problem in kodi desktop/tv interface as also no problems with the mobile app. Yet since I  control kodi from within my laptop it's a big problem right now.
I've done some checks and in debug log I saw some sql queries where performed yet, not all of them. From what I understand there's a query per album when I try to display artist albums (a bit odd, why not one query? but it's another story), so for the artists that there are no albums displayed at all I can see only few of the queries, say that artist has got 10 albums I see only 6 queries.
Of course I can find the album normally, play it and then click on the artist name to get back to the artist albums but the list is empty.
In the browser console I can also see some problems:
uncaught exception: Error code: -32603 - message: Internal error. 2 kodi-webinterface.js:9:2996
Which doesn't show up for artists that I can see all of the albums.
This doesn't have nothing to do with character encodings, because the artist albums and song doesn't use any diacritic characters opposite to artist who's albums are loading perfectly fine.

Question no. 2:
is there an option to use case insensitive search in chorus2?
I've been able to create a test case music using example from https://www.soundhelix.com/audio-examples filling up tags. I've used only the first file copy it into few directories.
Long story short is that it seems the GetAlbumPaths doesn't access a situation when we have structure like:
 | - album1
 |      | - file1.album1
 |      | - file2.album1
 | - otheralbum
        | - file1.album.single
        | - file2.album.next
        | - file3.album.future

having such structure works ok in kodi gui but chorus won't show those album for the artist. It's because it's using the GetAlbumPath which has got buggy query because of this query clause:
(SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT(idAlbum)) FROM song AS song2WHERE idPath = song.idPath) = 1
the solution is to use the same thing as kodi gui which is: GetAlbumsByWhere
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