Understanding the resolutions and upscaling process
If somebody can give me an answer Smile I'm not sure i understood the proper way to use upscaling, but I think I got it. Just need confirmation.

My setting is a 4k C9 OLED LG TV, with a Nvidia Shield connected. Shield is set to 4k at 60fps display, and Kodi too. I selected the "adjust refresh rates" in Kodi option to be sure my TV will display properly the movie content if 24fps for example). Now things become a bit more shaddy regarding upscaling.

1. I don't know why the shield AND kodi interface are displayed in 1080p (even if both video outputs show 2160p), so it's blurry. I tried a PC with Kodi, and all if perfectly sharp in real 2160p. Is it a NVidia Shield limitation?
2. When I set both video outputs to 1080p, I have the exact same render of interfaces, but it seems if "adjust rate" is set to "always" 4k, TV changes to 1080p to 2160p, and videos are displayed in 4k (TV video infos confirms me it's 2160p when I double click in the top left LG tv corner).
3. There are 2 types of upscalings, the TV's ones, and the Kodi's ones. With all what I read, it seems it's better to set the shield to 1080p, and let the TV doing the upscaling. If I set video outputs to 2160p, then Kodi will do the upscaling. i'm right? Then if it's 4k display the adjust rate option switches the TV to 4k, so all fine.

A bit of light will be helpfull!
Hi, welcome to the Kodi forums Smile

This will be generic for all Windows / Linux Kodi and Nvidia Shield Kodi platforms that can do auto Resolution Switching.

The Best upscaled picture quality of ALL - non 4K content will be seen on modern Premium 4K HDR TV’s that do their own implementations of AI upscaling using Super Resolution tech.
Such TV’s will also have powerful, dedicated, picture processors which will output superior picture results vs anything else available.

Details about that and some of the 4K TV’s that have such capabilities are found over on the Aussie Whirlpool Forum...

AI Super Resolution Picture Upscaling on 4K TV's (click)

1. So what does auto Resolution Switching have to do with this ?
If you have such a premium 4K TV you want your Kodi media player to output non 4K content at it’s native Resolution, and then have the TV upscale such content with it’s superior AI upscaling hardware. Upscaling that has no limitations.

1080p video output at 1080p > Premium 4K TV upscales picture to 4K
720p video output at 720p > Premium 4K TV upscales picture to 4K

2. What is this Kodi Whitelist I keep hearing about ?
In Kodi Settings > System > Display > Whitelist...

With that setting you can select which Resolutions (and Refresh Rates) you would like Kodi to auto switch to.

3. But I see no other Resolutions listed in Whitelist ?
Your Android Kodi media player does not support auto resolution switching.

4. My 2019 Shield has AI upscaling, which one should I use ?
Visually test yourself, use your own eyeballs.

Either use Kodi’s auto Resolution Swiching / Whitelist if you have a modern Premium 4K HDR TV with dedicated Picture Processing & AI Super Resolution upscaling tech..

or leave the Shield outputting all video content at 4K - with the 2019 Shield’s inbuilt AI upscaling some non 4K video content.

2019 Shield AI upscaling settings and limitations (click)

Interlaced broadcast TV cannot be AI upscaled either on the Shield.

Even limited upscaling will be better than nothing if your 4K TV has poor picture upscaling.
Default non AI - “Enhanced” 2019 Shield upscaling will be better vs the previous 2015/2017 Shields.

AI upscaling is for video only NOT the graphic user interface on the 2019 Shield.

Be aware the Android TV GUI (Click - blame Google) & the Kodi GUI is only 1080p.
So if you want a sharp looking - Kodi user interface - in Kodi settings, set output to 1080p and use Kodi’s Whitelist for auto resolution switching.


(2020-02-18, 05:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Kodi GUI is only 1080p.

Not if you set the resolution to 3840x2160p and set GUI resolution limit to 'unlimited'.
@wrxtasy Thanks a lot, you gave me information I didn't know "Shield AI upscaling" option and Kodi Whitelist. I'll take a look tonight, and things are way cleaner now. As said Hitcher, I manage to display a native 4k resolution too. I'll also add something important:

Buy a real 4k compatible HDMI cable!
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