v18 exporting library when changes have been made
When one export's one's library, one has the choice to overwrite existing files or not.  this seems to be a problem when on is dealing with a very very large library and one has made changes to the library (for instance, fixed the detection of a tv show).

One seems to have one of three choices

1) overwrite every single file
2) figure out which nfo files are wrong and delete them by hand
3) don't export changed data and only export data for new files that haven't been previously exported

It would seem to be smarter to perhaps have the ability for the db to be marked if an entry has been exported and to reset it if the entry is changed.  that way we can only overwrite items we want to keep up to date without overwriting the entries for our entire library. 

In my case, this can be seen with having part of my library stored on google drive.  while the local library can be overwritten relatively efficiently, the remote library is very very slow to overwrite (especially when one has thousands to tends of thousands of individual video items there).
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One extra boolean field in the 'files' table, I'd imagine.
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ISTM  a problem is every time you play a video, the library is updated so to be useful it seems like you would also need to specify what an "updated library" means.  That would add a bit of complication.

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