Req libre elec kodi screen reader image
I am a blind teen and i started diving int kodi recently.
I installed libre elec on my raspi 3B+ 2 days ago, with a help of my parents. They dont really know English so, i needed to some times translate something to them, or correct them ETC.
I installed kodi screen reader, and anything was fine.
Installed additianal repos, and waned to install youtube.
It didn't install, but i tought that its just a problem with youtube not with anything else, turned out that this was a problem, that was bigger.
I couldn't install any addon i tried.
So i went over and installed kodi on raspbian, and it worked. So i made an image of my SD cart with DD, but libre elec is just better.
Faster startup, emulation support ETC.
Could you provide a talking lirbe elec image for me?
It can be pre configured, i'l just configure anyhing to my liking later in settings.
And, to already answer questions like why someone wont help you?
Well i'l tell you, they are tired of me constantly asking them to fix something, talking about computers in general, ETC.
And well, its my family, no wonder they are tired of me already DDD
Kodi is mostly about a visual experience, with fanart and posters for movies, tv shows and music artists.
It does play music files and audio books, and perhaps that is the direction you are mostly looking for in Kodi?

Not sure which "additional repos" you are referring to (taking your visual impairment into consideration). Installing add-ons in Kodi requires a working internet connection. That sounds obvious, but LibreELEC can be a pretty fast booting app, that sometimes forgets about the network connection. There is an option called "Wait for network" in the LibreELEC Settings Add-on, which should do what it says. After that, any add-on from the official Kodi and LibreELEC repositories should be available for download. The Youtube video add-on should install fine, it may give you two initial setup questions.

There is no ready-to-go "talking" LibreELEC image available, so you will have to initially rely on your family/friends for that.
I do recommend that you make full backups/images of the SDcard that has a working LibreELEC setup, for whenever you need it.
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