La Case de Papel / Money Heist NFO Files
(2020-04-09, 00:02)Karellen Wrote: My reaction?

yeah maybe opinion is more appropriated but nvm
(2020-04-09, 00:02)Karellen Wrote: The English version seem to be the same NFO files as the ones already available

the ones already available.. the last i posted here?
(2020-04-05, 22:43)Veros Wrote: added director & credits tags where missing
updated show ratings
s3e4-5 fixed wrong titles (they were taken from tmdb which are wrong for some reasons)
added/updated s1-2 episode plots with the ones from netflix
removed unnecessary/wrong tags
because it contains also artwork made/remade by me and the changes in the nfo are written too, and i don't know if you have added these changes to your version
(2020-04-09, 00:02)Karellen Wrote: I don't understand the purpose of the cdp-v1.0.0-und version. You seem to have created half empty nfo files and I just cannot imagine how and where they would be used. You would have novice users scratching their heads wondering why all the details are missing if they used this version by mistake.

actually i thought the same but only after making it. anyways it wouldn't be a mistake because it's clearly written
(2020-04-09, 00:02)Karellen Wrote: but maybe offering 3 zip versions is an overkill?

definitely, actually it's all an overkill but  Blush

see? ask opinions is always useful

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