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(2020-02-21, 22:09)pkscout Wrote:
(2020-02-16, 04:10)ronie Wrote:
(2020-02-15, 19:02)pkscout Wrote: Does that means moving forward that we'll have to maintain two branches of our addons if we want to submit changes for Kodi 18 and earlier and also submit twice (once to Matrix and once to another pre-Matrix branch)?

that is correct.
(2020-02-15, 19:02)pkscout Wrote: If that's true, is there a suggested best practice on order of submission?  I'd hate for someone to have to review the same code twice when all I'm doing is submitting the same addon with a different addon.xml file.

 whatever suits you best, really. if you submit both versions at the same time, i'm sure our addon maintainers are smart enough to figure out there's no need to review them both.
or just leave them a message in the pull request ;-) 
I just wanted to leave a little feedback that my first run at this hasn't gone well.  I submitted an addon of mine for update in the Leia branch, and it got approved and merged.  I then took the exact same code, changed the python requirement and bumped the version number and submitted it to Matrix.  I also included a note that there were no code changes from the Leia PR (and included the PR number).  The code got reviewed again, and I got notes for changes (turns out the requested changes were already there, but that's not the point).  So the code got reviewed twice and I got different review results from the exact same code.
Yeah, sometimes add-on reviews turn out to be a bit mechanical. It's hard to remember every submission so it might happen that we review it twice. It's a burden to those who maintain and develop but also for those who review.

A nice example is the last submissions of @adnxpanic. He just links to the diff against lower branches in the PR description: . That really helped making it clear.

Maybe we can figure out a way of automating all this via github actions, so that both versions (in different branches) are automatically submitted to the correct branches. I've been working on these:

But they were created before having to submit to different branches. Any ideas are appreciated though

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