Using Kodi as a server?
Is it possible to set up a 'master' Kodi instance as it were, that stores things like PVR client credentials etc and the remote accessing this 'master' Kodi instance from another 'client' Kodi instance. Basically I've put a lot of effort into getting Kodi set up how I want it and I would prefer not to have to maintain separate instances of it to watch in different rooms. Does my question make sense? If this is not possible, can someone please suggest an alternative method? My main issue is I have three PVR clients running in Kodi, and I dont want to risk angering the Kodi gods by repeatedly killing connections to my Stalker and Enigma2 boxes by opening a different Kodi session elsewhere...
Not connected to your post , but , you have Kodi working on an enigma2 device ?
(2020-02-17, 16:15)ontap Wrote: Not connected to your post , but , you have Kodi working on an enigma2 device ?

No, I have the Enigma2, Stalker and NPVR clients running on through Kodi as I have three different STB's. You can put the user credentials for the first two into different Kodi sessions, but it can cause a bit of lumpiness when you move from one instance to the other. I'd rather have everything running through a single PVR back end and/or some media server software of some kind that any Kodi instance can connect to, but not having much luck so far...
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