Question: Node for Artists with specific types of albums only?

is it somehow possible to create an artist view where each artist contains specific types of albums only? (e.g. Studio Albums)
I was thinking about using a custom Library Node for this, but it seems there is no possibility to define rules for the contents of each node item. Basically I want something like this (see bold part):


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="20" type="filter" visible="Library.HasContent(Music)">

    <node order="20" type="filter" visible="Library.HasContent(Music)">
        <rule field="type" operator="contains">
            <value>Studio Album</value>


Is something like this possible?
Thanks for your help!
No, not possible.
afaik you can have an album node with only studio albums or an artist node with only artists that have studio albums.
No not currently possible @max_4631 but it is a direction I would like to take smart playlist and filtering rules in. I have had some WIP for ages, but keep getting pulled into fire-fighting bugs and other things. One day....
I see, thanks for your replies guys!

@DaveBlake I'm delighted that such a direction is on the roadmap, sounds good! Personally I'd love such a feature like the Facets Toolbar in Foobar2000. With that search feature, you can filter songs by virtually anything but you still have the ability to browse songs in an Artist->Album structure. (This is probably the wrong place for feature requests, maybe I should open an issue on Github?)

But maybe there is another solution for my actual problem, which I can achieve with the features Kodi has today?
The problem I try to solve is, that I have a bunch of albums in my library which are unofficial bootleg recordings of live concerts. Sometimes I just want to listen to a random playlist of songs by a particular artist, but I only want to listen to studio recordings of that artist. Sure, I could create a smart playlist, but I would have to create a separate playlist for each artist (which I have too many of). Furthermore sometimes I want to listen to studio recordings of multiple artists but without all those live recordings (or remixes which are often found on Single CDs).
The facility to filter any item (artists, albums, songs, genres, years) by the propeties of any item e.g. artists with songs with "greatest" in the title is what I have in mind. The database can do it (I love relational databases) , the tricky part is making a UI useable via screen 10ft away and a TV remote.

As for your problem my first thought would be to put the bootleg recordings in a separare folder struture and add as a separate music source, then filter using source (or not when you want both official and bootleg). Source filtering is new to v18, and does apply to all kinds of items so could be useful for you.

It could be that you have not noticed the filter facility on the sideblade menu. Although a full songs node is slow to load when you have alot of songs, it does offer similar filtering to smart playlists so could be used more dynamically to get random studio recordings by an artist.

Finally there is the option to use Yatse to control Kodi playback, it has good dynamic filtering and does not choke over dynamic filtering of large libraries of songs.

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Question: Node for Artists with specific types of albums only?0
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