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(2020-04-20, 00:17)DanCooper Wrote:
(2020-04-19, 23:31)Cromseth Wrote: Just to be sure: if the sync was ok the "choose artwork" menu (as you posted) should index that extra artwork or is skin related?
Yes. It's not skin related. It shows the images that has been found in the Kodi database.
Long time ago the skins searched in the movie folder for additional images and used them directly. But since many Kodi versions all skins should only use images that has been added to the "art" database.  
Ok. Then I can stop doing a thousand tries with skins and their options... the problem is really in the sync EMM->Kodi. If that extra art is not "synched" it will never be seen and showed in Kodi.
(2020-04-19, 23:31)Cromseth Wrote: Any idea about the other issue in audio tracks? I did the ffmpeg "capture" you posted but the output mkv only use first audio and first subs tracks, not all of them.
Quote:Nope. I've not tested the ffmpeg command, but it should copy the whole video file and just cut it the the size you set. 
Ok. So nothing to do. That command just grabs one audio and subs track.

I really like the "completion" of EMM and all his features, but actually if I cant sync that extra art, I maybe should go back to other tools more simple without Kodi sync but with the same working (for me) features.

Thank you very much for your help and fast answering!

NOTE: This is the weirdest forum edit tool I have seen... Its almost impossible (for me) just to "cut" a quote and order the different questions... lol

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