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Found another problem with sync, this time it looks like it's the Kodi database at fault.

On my NAS, the TV show Star Trek The Next Generation is split over three drives. In the db table season_view, Kodi shows it being only on one, probably the one where I put the first season and scraped the TV show information which populated all the season fields in EMM and then updated it in Kodi.

I don't understand why scanning failed on the host though, the series folder is at that path.

2020-06-02 06:59:52.2817;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_43_UpdateInfo_TVShow.MoveNext;14;TRACE;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] UpdateInfo_TVShow: ""Star Trek: The Next Generation"" | Start syncing process...";
2020-06-02 06:59:52.3277;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_36_SearchTVShow.MoveNext;20;WARN;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] SearchTVShow: ""\\SYN\TV series3\Star Trek The Next Generation"" | NOT found in host database!";
2020-06-02 06:59:52.3277;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_43_UpdateInfo_TVShow.MoveNext;20;TRACE;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] UpdateTVShowInfo: ""Star Trek: The Next Generation"" | NOT found in database, scan directory on host...";
2020-06-02 06:59:52.3277;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_48_VideoLibrary_ScanPath.MoveNext;20;TRACE;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] VideoLibrary_ScanPaths: ""smb:// Series3/Star Trek The Next Generation/"" | Start scanning process...";
2020-06-02 06:59:52.4788;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_55_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;20;TRACE;[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] IsScanningVideo: True;
2020-06-02 06:59:53.4998;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_55_IsScanningVideo.MoveNext;13;TRACE;[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] IsScanningVideo: False;
2020-06-02 06:59:53.5548;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_36_SearchTVShow.MoveNext;20;WARN;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] SearchTVShow: ""\\SYN\TV series3\Star Trek The Next Generation"" | NOT found in host database!";
2020-06-02 06:59:53.5548;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi;generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_43_UpdateInfo_TVShow.MoveNext;20;ERROR;"[APIKodi] [Kodi-N2] UpdateInfo_TVShow: ""Star Trek: The Next Generation"" | NOT found on host! Abort!";
2020-06-02 06:59:53.5548;generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface;generic.Interface.Kodi.KodiInterface+VB$StateMachine_74_GenericRunCallBack.MoveNext;1;WARN;[KodiInterface] [Kodi-N2] [GenericRunCallBack] | Sync Failed:  Star Trek: The Next Generation;

One season is completely missing from the table 'episode_view', it does exist in 'episodes' but which one does EMM use when syncing?
Is there any way to fix the Kodi database to contain the correct paths - other than deleting and forcing a rebuild that way?

Another question: what is the difference between Sync and Sync Full? I tried both but the log doesn't show any differences.

EDIT: looks like Kodi puts things incorrectly in the season_view table. I cleaned the database by removing content type and readding it, but Kodi still uses just one path for all seasons of the whole series, probably the one it happens to scan first. The only way to make EMM work correctly when syncing, would be using idseason from season_view in episode_view to determine if the season exists in the database or not. If you use season_view, it will go wrong unless all the seasons are in the same main folder.

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