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(2020-08-31, 21:14)Hairy Hippy Wrote:
(2020-08-31, 19:40)FumbDuck Wrote:
(2020-08-31, 16:47)Hairy Hippy Wrote: It's been a couple of days...

... I don't know if it is just me but today when scraping for a movie that it couldn't automatically find, instead of being able to put the IMDB id in the manual verify, it's now asking for the TMDB id.  Would this imply the link to IMDB is down?

When I disable TMDB as a scrapper, but leave IMDB enabled, no verification of the movie is taking place, skips straight to image selection.

This was working fine earlier today but all of sudden seemed to switch.  I know as I had copied in at least two IMDB id to manual entry.
Re-scrape Movie >Skip if more than one match >All items

There are not all these problems with Ember, please try
I have been using Ember for years!  Normally, and as I already stated, (Re)Scrape movie was working perfectly fine earlier today.  If it couldn't find the movie, the manual entry was IMDB not TMDB.  Not sure why this has suddenly switched, I don't recall changing anything in settings.  I would normally enter, for example tt1234567, which is the IMDB id not TMDB.
Seems clean cache & database solved my issue.  Edit:  In fact that wasn't what resolved the problem, although did appear to be the initial solution.  The solution in this case, was, for this one documentary in question, which does not exist in TMDB (does in IMDB), when scraping this movie, temporarily disable the TMDB scrapper.  If try to perform the scrape with TMDB enabled as well as IMDB, Ember tries to look for it on IMDB 1st, finds it but then tries to find it on TMDB, which it can't so doesn't end up scraping anything unless disable TMDB.  That in my opinion is a bug of sorts and to your point @FumbDuck can hopefully be resolved in the new version but for some reason I suspect has not been reported as a bug up until now!

Perhaps in future @FumbDuck you could suggest something that actually works.  I have been trying to fathom out the issue most of the day; had convinced myself that I can changed something in settings, even though I knew I hadn't.  I had been using the tool absolutely fine and the very next minute the issue occurred so was wondering if it might have been a connection to IMDB issue, it wasn't per the above.  However, I do only tend to post questions/potentially issues after I have tried most things!

Again, don't post anything else regarding my MSAA question; it's a valid question that only Dan can answer.  MSAA is dead, long live the Kodi interface :-)

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