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(2020-09-09, 14:40)Cromseth Wrote: I am trying again EMM and I get the same weird behavior of mediainfo with my MKVs: All ok but it just gets the "best" audio track. Others dont exist to EMM.

I quote the earlier post:
(2020-04-19, 15:16)Cromseth Wrote:
(2020-04-19, 14:08)DanCooper Wrote: Ember reads always reads all streams and shows them as small language icon. As default the best audio stream will be displayed with a flag, but in Settings => Movies/TV Shows => General => Main Window => Show best audio ... you can enable that the best stream of a specific language should be displayed with a flag.
It should be as you says, but it only gets one (the "best") track of the MKV. It happens with all of my movies (all MKVs). I post some images to show it:

Fist one: EMM shows just one audio track (subs are all indexed)

Image 2: EMM shows just one audio track in metadata info.

Image 3: Real Mediainfo from the file. It shows that the MKV has 3 audio tracks, not just one.

It happens with all my movies and as that is the info exported to Kodi I cant see what movies are dubbed or not in spanish (my language). I guess that has to be a Mediainfo inbuilt option or bug in EMM. Any clue?

Is there any way to change the mediainfo "core" that EMM uses? Maybe its just a file somewhere that I can change or overwrite and finally get all the audio tracks of my files...

Thanks in advance!

Just an update:

If I select "Spanish" in Settings->Movies-->General-->Display best audio stream language-->Spanish
Then the only one (again just one) track added to info is the Spanish one, not the "best" one.

After switch again the option to -->[Disabled] If I "reload" the movie it keeps the Spanish track as the only one... while scanning another NEW one it gets again the "best" one... I can't understand that!  Huh

And its not a main window "display" issue, because in the Metadata tab of the movie there is always just one audio track.

So there should be an option or configuration way to get ALL the audio tracks, because that shows that EMM can get any track info...

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