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Hey there,
I'm having some trouble getting movieset posters picked up. First off, I'm running EMM 1.9.2 and Kodi 19 on my android TV, which connects to an SMB share on my server. I have my movie library configured to use "local info only" and I provide all scraped metadata through scraping with Ember. Movies work perfectly. I have just tried to configure the movieset posters as described in this sticky. I created a sub-directory in my movie source ("Movies\_meta_movieset_artwork") which I configured in three places:
  1. In EMM settings- Modules - Kodi Interface module - Artwork Folder ("smb://server/media_share/Video/Movies/_meta_movieset_artwork")
  2. In EMM settings - Moviesets - Files and Sources Path ("\\server\media_share\Video\Movies\_meta_movieset_artwork"), and checked all the boxes for Kodi Interface
  3. On the Kodi side (TV) - Settings - Media - Videos - Movie set information folder ("smb://server/media_share/Video/Movies/_meta_movieset_artwork")

Currently all scraped images are downloading to the set directory just fine but Kodi doesn't automatically pick them up and just shows a blank spot where the image should be, not even the poster of one of the movies in the set as I had previously. Am I wrongly assuming the Kodi interface connection should configure the images for all the sets? I am able to manually configure the movieset posters in Kodi with the images EMM dropped in that directory but I need them to be configured automatically since there's way too many of them. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Did something change since the latest Kodi 19 release that I haven't accounted for?

Any help is much appreciated!

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