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Trying out 1.9.2 as an alternative to MediaElch, and I've run into some problems trying to scrape a TV show:
  • With only the TVDB scraper enabled, it gets stuck forever because they apparently disabled free scraping, but Ember just keeps trying.
  • With only the TMDB scraper enabled, it doesn't seem to be able to get any episode names.
  • With only the IMDB scraper enabled, I end up without any data on specials (aka Season 0).
  • With both TMDB and IMDB scrapers enabled, I end up with Ember telling me that I need two copies of the pilot episode: One as S00E01 and the other as S01E00!
I'd prefer to just use TMDB's data, but for some reason Ember just won't pull down the episode titles unless the IMDB scraper is also enabled. It's really weird, because this also affects the specials (aka Season 0) even though IMDB has no data on those as far as I can tell.

Edit: For now, I've just scraped with both, and deleted the S01E00 entry from the database. I didn't know I could even do this, because there's no right click menu for missing episodes, but it turns out you can do it by highlighting the missing episode and hitting the Delete key.

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