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Looks like its going to have the google play store available on it.  Is it going to be an option for Kodi as well?  It's going to be $50 and dolby vision and atmos capable.

(2020-02-22, 21:47)grimmace92 Wrote: Looks like its going to have the google play store available on it.  Is it going to be an option for Kodi as well? 

Yes it should be able to install Kodi Leia from the ATV PlayStore just like any other Android TV media player, unless TIVO do something real stupid during development.
The included AMLogic S905Y2 chipset is actually pretty snappy one with a decent ARM G31 GPU = faster vs a Xiaomi Mi Box and a Jetstream 4K Ultra.

TIVO 4K will be running a v4.9 AMLogic / Linux Kernel, just like all other Android 9.0 TV Pie AMLogic chipset devices.

So you should expect to get Kodi Leia DD, DD+, DD+/Atmos, DTS and the rare DTS-HD HRA audio passthrough.
And I also expect TV deinterlacing will be properly sorted out as well, knowing TIVO's DVR background.

That v4.9 AML Linux Kernel also supports HLG HDR and HDR10+ might work as well.

TIVO Stream 4K Tech Specs for those interested:

  • SoC - AMLogic S905Y2
  • CPU - ARM A53 Quad Core @ 1.8GHz
  • GPU - ARM Mali-G31
  • RAM - 2GB of DDR4
  • Storage - 8GB of eMMC 5.1 Flash
  • Netflix Approved inc. legit DRM
  • SoC licensing for DolbyVision & Dolby Audio.
  • WiFi - Dual-band, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (possibly MIMO - multiple antennas)
  • Bluetooth 4.2 or possibly 5.x
  • 1 x micro USB for power
  • 1 x USB-C port for Ethernet adapters or used to expand internal storage.
  • TIVO's famous Peanut remote with a MUTE Button !
  • HDMI 2.1


Looks fantastic.. wish it had a builtin gigabit ethernet though..
I guess the question is will it play an mkv file properly or will they lock it down.
(2020-02-23, 21:33)grimmace92 Wrote: I guess the question is will it play an mkv file properly or will they lock it down.

It has a Google button, which suggests it will have access to the Google Play store.  Not sure how they could lock out MKV files if you can install third party software ?  The MKV file is just a wrapper (like AVI, MP4, MOV etc.) rather than a codec - so as long as you can install software that demuxes the MKV to audio and video codecs like h.264, AAC etc. stuff should work?
Praying for 50 and 23.976hz output support and auto framerate. Don’t think any of their partners care about these though so not getting hopes up..
I am wondering why is TiVo putting this product out?

How does this fit into their business model? Doesn’t seem like you need TiVo subscription for it. It seems to be advertising slingtv more than TiVo.

Am I missing something here?
TiVo is dying a slow death (look at their share price over last 5 years)... they are trying new things to stem the bleeding. With more and more stuff being streamed less and less people need premium DVRs.
Well the TiVo Stream 4K has finally launched, priced at $49.99 (click)

DolbyVision & it should even do 4K HDR YouTube, and I suspect 4K HDR Google Play Movies.

TiVo Stream 4K User Manual (click)

Not like I need yet another media player, but kinda intrigued, so ordered one to try out. Should have it Saturday.
[H]i-[d]eft [M]edia [K]een [V]ideosaurus
Watching with interest.
Looks like a great little device and lots of buttons on the remote for key-mapping in Kodi?

Could be the new go-to "cheaper Android device" instead of MiBox

Just added Dolby Atmos & Vision support to the Disney+ add-on a few days ago - be interested to hear if that plays nicely Smile
Now how are we going to get one to the Land of the Long White Cloud where the BlackHead Hobbits live or the Land Down Under that is full of Convicts ? Wink

We have YouShop by our national mail carrier that gives you a fake US address that then forwards on.
Aussie must have something similiar?

I just brought a 2nd MiBox as well - bugger
Half my Samsung TV remote buttons (eg stop) don't work with CEC on Mibox - it's rather annoying.
I've been watching for this release also.
I agree that seems to be a great option for cheap hardware.
Any thoughts on whether or not our kodi media might get integrated into the tivo universe for wife approved TV show searching.
I currently use kodi because all my sources get scraped from my recordings (HDHomeRun & playon, I don't care for commercials) where she can easily find what she wants without going to each app and service, she constantly forgets where each show lives.
I'd certainly welcome any feedback you find with your boxes you get this weekend, waiting for mine.
Strange, but I have no desire to purchase one........  Perhaps the therapy is working...........  Curious if it will play the VC-1 video codec, since it is an Amlogic based SoC.   Also, curious if it passes through any of the HD audio codecs natively.

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