Windows 10 crash rewinding live tv
I have been using Kodi for several years, I have found ti to generally be a great system Smile
After installing the last few updates I have a problem with pausing and resuming live TV.
Currently using NextPVR 3.3.18

Problem is that I can pause and resume live TV ok, but cannot rewind - Kodi will crash immediately.
Also if it is paused for some time trying to resume also causes an immediate crash.

For the below log file I started Kodi, switched to live tv for a few min, paused, resumed, paused and tried to rewind...

odexelicoj.kodi (paste)
Think this post is best handled in the PVR & Live TV area. code 404 for would be an add-on error. A lot of the buffering errors will cause the real time decoding to abruptly halt, not sure of the exact cause but perhaps some kind user in this area will have a clue. Tinker with the decoding and rendering tools to see if there is some effect.
Ignore the 404 error.  NextPVR v4 timeshift is not reliable so I don't recommend it and the developer that created this mode no longer has supports it.  The best thing to do is update to NextPVR v5 which has better timeshifting or use extended timeshift with v4.

The right place for your questions.
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Windows 10 crash rewinding live tv00
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