Solved Q: musicvisualisation : toggle bool behaviour of 'Player.ShowInfo'
I noticed when the musicvisualisation is loaded , the bool Player.ShowInfo will be true for ca. 10000 ms, then toggles itself to false

a - first load / playback
b - if Player.ShowInfo is set to false before/in last playback (e.g. via osd button)

if i toggled it true ( via 'Action(info)' or 'I' Key ) before/on previous playback , i get the wished effect that it doesnt toggle to off when activate the musicvisualisation.

The issue for me is that i cannot produce a 'workin' visible condition to have my 'control' visible on Player.ShowInfo without the unwanted auto toggle.

If i try to circumstance with a double onload action (toggle off and on again onload ) like
 <onload condition="Player.ShowInfo">Action(info)</onload>
    <onload condition="Player.ShowInfo">Action(info)</onload>
i will get other issues due to the action (e.g. it also opens the musicinfodialog in 'previous' instance in mymusicnav)

As last resort in hope i tried also its just supossed to work with skinsettings
    <onload condition="Player.ShowInfo">Skin.SetBool(Player.ShowInfo)</onload>

Does anyone have an idea?

Edit :
i add a visible condition based on Custom Property also not solve my issue, as i cannot clear that prop with common key actions (i)

You can control the duration showinfo is active using advancedsettings.xml
(2020-03-03, 13:11)jurialmunkey Wrote: You can control the duration showinfo is active using advancedsettings.xml

Ok. Thanks. That has helped to understand the behaviour.

Now I found the solution now.

In a case someone else need it...

Set a property onload, to get conditional visibility

Used for the Control
<visible>Player.ShowInfo | String.IsEqual(Window(home).Property(PlayerShowInfo),true) | [Window.IsActive(script-cu-lrclyrics-main.xml) + Player.ShowInfo</visible>

Used a Custom Dialog as workaround
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<window type="dialog" id="1195">
    <visible>Player.HasAudio + String.IsEqual(Window(Home).Property(PlayerShowInfo),true) + !Player.ShowInfo</visible>
    <controls />
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