Picture viewer crashes
(2020-05-17, 14:46)MiracleTostie Wrote:
(2020-05-17, 10:11)Hitcher Wrote: Try a debug log because it should show what happens up to the point Kodi crashes.

Note: When you restart Kodi after the crash you want to upload kodi.old.log not kodi.log.

Ok, but again the same question. How do I get this log off of my Shield?

I realize this is an old posting (came across looking for any posts related to picture viewer crashes lately as I just found a new issue below), but you generally can either use the built-in File handling under System in KODI to copy it to a computer elsewhere over the network or you can connect to the Shield via SMB from a computer and retrieve it that way.

However, it doesn't take a log file to know what's going on because it happens on every KODI version where there's not enough RAM to satisfy KODI's massive hunger for loading very large preview pictures all at once.  Here, it happens on my old FireTV 4K, but only on very large photos (e.g. 8MP vacation photos that are several megabytes each) when it tries to load previews all at the same time instead of buffering a few at a time until it's done.  If I keep coming back over and over, eventually it'll get through the the previews since it picks up where it left off and once done, they work fine, but on systems with more memory (e.g. 2017 Shield Pro or say a PC or Mac with 8GB+ of memory, it's just not an issue at all nor does it present a problem on the same FireTV if the file sizes are smaller (e.g. say typical photos on the Internet in the 1080p range.  It'll load hundreds and hundreds of those previews without issues; only very large photos cause a crash on it and it doesn't happen on larger memory devices). 

I know I've seen this reported somewhere else on this site before more than a few years ago, but even when logs were provided and the problem was described in detail by a 3rd party user, nothing was done about it and probably never will (Perhaps it's simply not a big priority for any of the team members regardless, particularly if their own systems have plenty of memory).  The only other thing you can do is turn off preview picture loading, but then you have no previews at all, even ones it already created (still it's what I have to do if I want to just view a slideshow of said directories, but I can't pick out particular ones to show without the previews).  Frankly, it's probably easier to just use another picture viewer on the said NVidia Shield than try to get someone to address it. 

I came upon this thread, because I just noticed a particular photo directory is causing a crash even with preloaded images now and it just started doing this after the last NVidia Shield update to Android 11 OS with the latest stable version of KODI Matrix 19.3.  The same version of KODI on the FireTV 4K upstairs doesn't crash on the exact same directory so who knows.  I suspect it's because there's a GIF or two in that directory.  That's caused issues before if the advanced setting file was set to view GIF animations (i.e. If it's a static GIF file, it still tries to load the animation anyway and that can cause either a "skip" or a crash here in the past, but it never did it in the preview pane before and it's not turned on right now anyway...but that's just a guess it has something do to with the GIF files.  I'll probably test it by removing the GIF files and seeing if it still crashes.

Edit: I tried removing the two GIF images in that directory and sure enough, that fixed the crash problem viewing that folder.  The funny thing is viewing another folder that is all animated GIFs doesn't crash KODI at all, just the two non-animated GIFs that were in that folder for some unknown reason (that still work fine on the same version of KODI on my FireTV 4K upstairs).  This has nothing to do with the preview issue, though.
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