Performance issues accessing mcepg*.db
I have been using ServerWMC for years, there have been some ongoing performance issues that I think I finally root caused. 

Host is a W7 PC with several kodi clients and a seperate emby server.  I have noticed in the past that GetSeriesTimers and GetTimers takes an avg 2-3s but periodically the response times will jump to 10-20s.  When I see these spikes in delays it usually is a result of several clients accessing the WMC db at the same time, whether those are kodi, emby or local WMC based clients.  Each time I delete a recording via kodi or emby ServerWMC will always delay due to GetSeriesTimers.  I recently cleaned up my Series Timers and that did help with response time but it seems that I may have some stale data causing issues in the db or there are just too many clients accessing the db at once.

Here is a log snippet from a few days ago showing an overlap.
2020/03/11 01:18:55.094 Finished request GetRecordings in 0.00s
2020/03/11 01:18:55.134 Received client request: osmc-mb||GetSeriesTimers
2020/03/11 01:18:55.484 Received client request: osmc-lr||GetSeriesTimers
2020/03/11 01:18:59.292 GetSeriesTimers>  Channel: 7.1 : KIROLD5 - A1E7 = { (7.1 : KIROLD5 - 14DE) + [ 7.1 : KIRO-LD18 - 41A2ED2, 7.1 : KIRO-LD18 - 41A2EDB] } ID did not match any ID in current Channel list, for title: 
2020/03/11 01:19:00.243 GetSeriesTimers>  Channel: 7.1 : KIROLD5 - A1E7 = { (7.1 : KIROLD5 - 14DE) + [ 7.1 : KIRO-LD18 - 41A2ED2, 7.1 : KIRO-LD18 - 41A2EDB] } ID did not match any ID in current Channel list, for title: 
2020/03/11 01:19:08.465 GetSeriesTimers> series/repeating timers[91] returned to 'Kodi^osmc-mb' in 13.33 sec
2020/03/11 01:19:08.465 Finished request GetSeriesTimers in 13.33s
2020/03/11 01:19:08.505 GetSeriesTimers> series/repeating timers[91] returned to 'Kodi^osmc-lr' in 13.02 sec
2020/03/11 01:19:08.505 Finished request GetSeriesTimers in 13.02s
2020/03/11 01:19:08.505 Received client request: osmc-mb||GetTimers

So I have two Questions:
1. Is it possible to get ServerWMC to cache the results from GetSeriesTimers so multiple clients aren't always hitting the WMC db?
2. Is there a way to reset my WMC db but still maintain my series timers?

1. GetSeriesTimers is currently not cached.  In my testing it didn't seem necessary, but I can see that for some reason it is having a big impact on your setup.  Thanks for posting the details.
2. I think there is a way to reset the wmc database and then restore your recording requests, but I can't recall how to do it.  You should check on a wmc forum.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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