Opensubtitles by opensubtitles has stopped working since yesterday
(2020-03-26, 17:13)jim_p Wrote: Lost revenue? Really? The site is so full of ads that when I have to use a browser, I don't even dare to visit it without adblock being active. And its ads are so intrusive that I can surely say I have seen porn sites with less intrusive ads. If you don't believe be, disable your adblock and go check yourself.
Not to mendion their "subtitles downloader" they promoted a couple of years ago to windows users who visited the site. There was a tiny checkmark box you had to untick in order to NOT download their app but the subtitle itself. Pathetic practices.
Other than that, there is also, which offers the exact same content and it is the so called "beta" version of a promised new site. Same ads etc. Aren't all those enough to convince you that their service is actually sustainable?

As for the other apps, they do not "bite the hand that feeds them", they just "eat the food that hand offers them". And they are not 1-2 apps, there are dozens and they are not only media players. e.g. subliminal. If they add paid access to their api, like e.g. most weather sites do, which app developer would pay for it? I am sure the kodi devs wouldn't.
Also, because I checked the issues posted on github, they do not seem willing to port the addon to python3, thus making it incompatible with kodi 19+.

So you accept that they make money from ads to pay the biils for the bandwidth.
They don't find free money to the trees.
What do you pay to download subtitles from their API and use their bandwidth? Nothing.
If they have increased traffic these days then it makes sense to block the usage of API which gives nothing to them in return.
They are kind enough to keep API with credentials and don't block it too.
The site you mentioned doesn't have the traffic of the original, the comparison makes no sense.
The apps you mentioned scrape the website, that's why they keep working.
Yes, they bite the hand that feeds them.
When a service provides an API for 3rd party usage and you decide to scrape huge html pages instead of making an API call you increase traffic for no reason.
If they weren't a**holes with their html scraping and used the API, opensubtitles would have less traffic and maybe wouldn't have to block anything.

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Opensubtitles by opensubtitles has stopped working since yesterday0
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